Own your nuclear data. With Blueprint.

Blueprint (by Innerfusion) is a modern, elegant and easy-to-use production system for the isotope facility and radiopharmacy

Home page

Know your production process at a glance.

The home page of Blueprint shows all production statuses, instrument connections, and reminders. Never miss an outlier anymore using this clever dashboard. It’s specifically designed to assist all involved:

Radiation-based working environment

Reach your zero defects goal by using tailor-made software.

All bits and pieces of Blueprint focus on the radiation-based working environment you design. Use master data to set-up the workflow and basics, and let Blueprint guide you and your colleagues through the day-to-day activities with elegance.
Manual input is reduced to an absolute minimum by collecting data from all instruments automatically. Blueprint offers a calm, well thought-out and uncluttered workspace.

Bring your instruments, procedures and people together.

Integration and connecting all the dots is what Blueprint does best. This allows you to unify all your assets and increase the value and quality of your products, including the care of every patient.

Blueprint includes all common interfaces for a radiation-based production process:


Have a complete production environment from A to Z with the quality you demand.


Book and manage inventory
Check scheduled patient
Prepare and administer dose
Produce batch and verify
Perform quality control


View audit-trail
Create report
Check digital signature
See used radioactive materials
Release production batch

Statistics & usability

Export to Excel for analysis
Customise label with Word
Search Google-like on any page
Use barcodes anywhere
Connect to all major instruments


Use computer, tablet or browser
Require no administration
Support unlimited connections
Is up and running under 1 minute
Use state-of-the-art techniques


Has more than 20 years of expertise
Relies on industry's direct know-how
Uses software engineering principles
Applies validation techniques
Includes plenty of examples

... and more

Waste control
Out of specifications
Corrective/preventive actions
Environmental measurements
Users, roles, and permissions
... and even more